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The Green Design Lab’s CleanTech Curriculum

Solar One’s K-12 Education Program, Green Design Lab, promotes experiential learning opportunities through science, technology and design.

The Green Design Lab’s CleanTech Curriculum

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Solar One’s K-12 Education Program – Green Design Lab™ – promotes experiential learning through science, technology and design. Solar One’s programs increase environmental knowledge about Energy, Water, Materials Science, and Food. Solar One’s K-12 programs introduce students to hands-on real world experience, support the development of creative thinking and problem solving skills, and turn students into advocates for sustainability in their schools and communities. Solar One is launching free distance learning resources to support teachers and students. Learn more under curriculum




The Green Design Lab program delivers professional development training for teachers, direct delivery student education, curriculum, and a wealth of resources for teachers.

  • Professional Development Training

    At a Solar One Professional Development workshop, Solar One educators train teachers on Green Design Lab’s hands-on activities in Energy, Water, Materials, Air and Food. We also train teachers on ways they can work with their students and the rest of their school community to conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • The Green Design Lab Curriculum

    The Green Design Lab™ is the only curricular blueprint of its kind that looks at the school building as both a laboratory for learning and a tool for environmental change. Using a creative approach to problem solving, GDL inspires students in STEM, emerging green technology, and green careers, while promoting behavioral change in the direction of energy efficiency and healthier, greener schools.

    Solar One offers direct delivery programs for NYC Schools! There are three options: onsite classroom delivery at your school (afterschool programming also available), estuary field trips to Solar One, and green industry certification training for high school students.
  • Resources

    The Solar One Green Design Lab™ provides participants with a wealth of resources including toolkits, educational videos, standards alignments, vendor lists for activity supplies, PowerPoint decks, green career reference guides and other educational resources.




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The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
Colgate Palmolive Foundation
Community Board 3
Constellation Energy
The David Rockefeller Fund
Fairbairn Family Foundation
FJC Foundation
Motorola Foundation
National Science Foundation
New York City Council
New York City Department of Education
NYS Energy Research Development Authority
Northstar Greening Western Queens Fund
The Rockefeller Foundation
Dr. Robert C. & Tina Sohn Foundation
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