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Green Design Lab Energy Challenge


2018 Energy Challenge Results!

This year Solar One partnered with the DOE Office of Sustainability for the energy challenge! We were blown away by all of the amazing submissions and reports that wildly exceeded our expectations.

Selecting the top five winners was a difficult choice, but we are excited to announce that $10,000* will go to each of the following 2017 Energy Challenge recipients. Here are a few highlights from the winners:

Central Park East High School (M555) – CPEHS teachers signed a contract to commit to turn off power strips at the end of the day, and in return the Green Team installed new smart power strips in classrooms and educated the teachers on energy efficiency.  The schoolalso created their own sustainability webpage.

P.S. 31 Samuel F. Dupont Elementary (K031) – P.S. 31’s Energy Challenge theme was “Power Off, Turn On The Green!” The Green Team made weekly video energy tips and hosted a school-wide energy logo contest that was printed and placed around the school.

Oakland Gardens School (Q203) – Green Team students worked with the Custodian Engineer to host a school-wide “Silly Sweater Day” to reduce heat use in the building and save energy. They also hosted a school-wide “Turn Off the Lights” event, working with their mascot, Oakley the Owl, to create a video: Oakley Learns a Lesson.

River East Elementary (M037) – Green Team students created a presentation using Solar One materials and hosted an assembly to teach the school community about fossil fuels and energy conservation. They also created their first Green Team web page and posted about their boiler room tour.

P.S. 100 Coney Island (K100) – Green Team students created fun and exciting projects for the whole school, like crossword puzzles, calendars, public service announcements, and poems. They also implemented “Flashlight Friday” during Independent Reading Time.

Honorble Mentions:

P.S. 176- The Ovington School (K176) – The Green Team created a Turn it Off song.
High School for Environmental Studies (M400) – They hosted a school-wide Demand Response practice event.I.S. 75 Frank D. Paulo (R075) – The Green Team went on a solar roof tour on their school.

For Other Network School Members: Green Design Lab can help your school start its own energy challenge and energy awareness campaign! For assistance, please contact us.