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Summer Rising NYC 2021

Solar One’s CareerCLUE (Community Learning, Understanding, and Experience) is a summer career readiness program that provides youth with a unique experience blending STEM learning, leadership development, and engagement in environmental sustainability through career exploration and service learning.

The goal of CareerCLUE is to expose high school students to environmental issues and associated health concerns in NYC, including climate change, and then explore local sustainability initiatives and career pathways that are actively addressing them.

Solar One is currently seeking high school partners for Summer 2021! This program is ideal for younger youth registered for Project Based Learning through SYEP. Solar One can host up to 60 youth per school for a full 6-week program.

CareerCLUE components provide students with an innovative experience:

  • GDL Content: Solar One’s project based learning curriculum can be delivered fully virtual, virtual with in-person field trips, or hybrid. Solar One will adjust scope and curriculum based on input from the school community.
  • Career Activities: Each week students conduct research on a green career of their choice relating to the theme of the week. Students also build career skills through mock job interviews, learning Microsoft programs like Excel and Powerpoint, and learning how to deliver professional presentations.
  • Guest speakers: Classes are visited by green career professionals, who speak to students about their career and answer questions from the students. The speakers represent a diverse range of green career fields including energy utilities, solar installation, urban agriculture, environmental justice, and water quality.
  • Field trips: Each week students can participate in an optional field trip connected to green careers or sustainability. Students visited the Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm, SIMS recycling center, NYC Transit Museum, Materials for the Arts, and the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  • Service Learning: Each school designs and executes a service learning project designed to meet the needs of each individual school community, while connecting to themes of environmental sustainability. Examples included volunteering in community gardens, starting a school garden, cleaning up local parks, painting a climate change awareness mural for the school, educating community members about energy efficiency, and advocating for a school green roof.

Download our CareerCLUE 2021 One Pager to learn more and to discuss a collaboration!

Educators interested in using Solar One’s Project Based Learning curriculum can access it for free here!

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